Exclusive to Palm Desert Recovery Center

Some of the most outstanding characteristics of hypnosis are the facts that:

a) Hypnosis is completely natural, organic and safe with no rugs, medications, or side effects.
b) Hypnosis deals with the greatest strengths and positive attributes of the individual client.
c) Hypnosis deals with the here and now, today, and the solutions found within the moment.

Hypnosis also incorporates the Law of Dominant Effect- the stronger emotion always replaces the weaker emotion. It is human nature to not want to “give up” anything. For example, with smoking cessation, the client is not “giving up” cigarettes. Instead they gain the experience of waking up in the morning feeling more youthful, invigorating, breathing in clean fresh healthy oxygen with an empowering feeling of being able to take on the day and conquering any challenges that come their way.


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