Palm Desert Recovery Center

Drug Treatment Who Needs it?

Who needs drug treatment? At what point is it time to seek help? Many addicts believe they can stop on their own. Some family members are afraid to approach their loved ones. Is there really a problem? Is it as bad as I think it is? They are going to be so angry with me if I address it with them; what will I say? When is the right time?

Here is the truth about drug addition, if you think it is a problem, it is likely worse than you think. SO, you are on the right track. Next, when is the right time. If you wait, you could regret it – don’t wait. Overdose, takes one time. AND, it is worth the confrontation. If you do nothing, nothing changes. The risk is too great, you must do something.

The question is what do you do? First, you may have noticed some things. Write them down. Changes in behavior, sleeping patterns, disposition, self-care, friends, job loss or loss of ambition, loss of meaningful relationships, legal consequences and other negative outcomes. An interventionist can be needed and helpful to mediate approaching your loved one. However, should you and other family have an opening to discuss treatment, let them know – compassionately what you have seen – without judgement, but rather with concern. Express your fear and love. Ask them to get help.

Invite them to look into resources for treatment that you have researched. Let them know you support them in getting help and that you understand and will be there to help them get into a program.

If they refuse care, be prepared to set boundaries in advance. Know what those boundaries are. Have them written down and express them without anger. I can no longer pay your rent until you get help. I can no longer give you money until you get help. You can no longer live here until you get help. I love you and care about you and am here for you when you are ready to get help. I understand you are not ready. Do not argue. Notice that they might try – it is their addiction and your fear that will engage. It is fruitless.

Call a professional for support. Attend Alanon for you. For more support or an assessment call 760.550.0613